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IBERIA FEST is a festival that celebrates and explores connections between Iberian and Balkan culture and art. First through music, then through lectures, exhibitions, masterclasses, gastronomy and other different activities.

Beginning with the facts that Spanish is the second most popular language in the Balkans, that Portuguese is becoming increasingly popular and that the music from ​​Iberia is one of the most favorite to the Balkan audience, the idea of ​​this festival is to bring together two cultures, whose connecting points we will be exploring and presenting to our audience. We will not limit ourselves to the music and language alone, but our intention is to open a whole new window to the Iberian culture and art, to get to know it better and intertwine it with the Balkan culture in new and original ways. Also, the Iberians who live, currently reside or are passing through Balkan, will have a special opportunity to get to know the Balkan culture in a unique way through IBERIA FEST.

The first edition of the IBERIA FEST has the title PRIME(I)RA VISTA. The phrase ”primeira vista” in Portuguese or ”primera vista” in Spanish means ”the first glance”. We selected this theme for the first edition of the festival, because it symbolizes love at first glance that occurs between the Iberian and Balkan cultures, with which we partly explain the concept of the festival and announce the following editions with the idea that, if we fall in love with something at first glance, we will definitely have the desire to get to know that “something” even more.

IBERIA FEST lasts two days, from September 20th until September 21st of 2019.

The first day PORTUGAL EM BELGRADO (September 20th, 2019) is dedicated to the culture and music of Portugal and the second day ESPAÑA EN BELGRADO (September 21st, 2019) to the culture and music of Spain.

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